Vibe of Ukraine: Lavla presented a new line of gifts



The Lavla team has created a collection of gliders and accessories for everyone who wants to confess their love for Ukraine. And also – to give a gift to those whom you want to get to know Ukrainian aesthetics and culture more closely. Oh My Big Plan Ukraine Inspired is the brand’s first English-language line, which includes gliders in the boldest colors, stickers, cards, T-shirts, candles and a tote bag.

We are sure that love cannot be described in words. True love can only be felt – just like the country. Therefore, we filled this line with symbols and feelings that will be understandable to everyone. They are all here: from the coniferous air of the Carpathians to the aroma of Kyiv chestnuts, from the sweetness of the native language to authenticity and courage in every manifestation, from admiration for the beauty of Lviv to the happiness of eating a Kherson watermelon so that the juice runs down your elbows.


The line was released for the Independence Day of Ukraine and opened the brand’s seasonal communication called Ukraine Inspired Season. During the fall, the Instagram profile will share useful selections, introduce you to Ukrainian figures, and immerse you in Ukrainian culture, aesthetics, and special vibes of our country.

The founder of the brand, Lyra Borodina, shares that the decision to make the line in English was a conscious one, because right now it is important to talk about Ukraine to the whole world.

“Now we all have one enemy, but at the same time our country and many of us have made a lot of new friends around the world. The courage of Ukrainians is admired in many countries, and we dream that the Ukrainian vibe, which we put in every page of our gliders, will become an aesthetic window through which these people can get a better look at Ukraine. Yes, we planned to make the best gift for someone, but we made it for ourselves. I personally couldn’t choose between two colors, so I ordered both to start planning my big plans in them,” says Lyera.

What is in the Oh My Big Plan Ukraine Inspired line:

  • Gliders in two colors: blue and yellow — UAH 850
  • 3D stickers — UAH 380
  • 3D car sticker — 300 UAH
  • A set of postcards — 200 hryvnias
  • T-shirts (3 types) — UAH 1,300
  • Candles (3 types) — UAH 850
  • Shopper — 900 hryvnias


The Lavla team hopes that the free and creative spirit of our country will inspire all owners of the Oh My Big Plan Ukraine Inspired line to have even greater freedom in their plans and actions. And calls to read, listen, research, buy and support Ukrainian ! Because this is the only way we will be able to turn dreams of a flourishing and independent Ukraine into reality.

Photo: PR agency 

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