Iryna Horova about leaving Ukraine and the absence of Potap

Iryna Horova

Iryna Horova , producer, founder and CEO of Mozgi Entertainment, exclusively told the infotainment show “Life of Famous People” about her departure from Ukraine and her attitude to Potap.

A few days after the full-scale invasion, Iryna decided to go abroad with her family, because she realized that her private house was dangerous:

“Fighters flew over our house, I hope ours. But then we didn’t understand anything, there were rotorcraft, explosions. When the oil depot in Glevas was blown up, which is very close by, and I saw the explosion, it was a turning point. I realized that it was very close, that I had to do something and take my parents out. I got myself together in two hours, and we left. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know what to do. I understood that my roof was coming off. She could not come to her senses. For 2-3 weeks, I was completely knocked out,” Horova admitted.

Unexpectedly, Irina was helped to overcome stress by her youngest child, Andriyko’s son, whom she had with rapper Potap:

“When we got to a safe place and I was covered, he took my hand and we went for a walk. He did not give me peace: “You will manage, everything is okay, it is calm here.” Then I realized that I was coming back to myself.”

Andriy already came to Ukraine with his mother. However, in the fall he starts studying at one of the European schools:

“For me, it’s not because something is wrong in Ukraine or there is a war. I want him to experience change and stepping out of his comfort zone at this age. When it is comfortable, the development decreases. I think it will be a great experience, because the school is only in English, foreigners and Ukrainians study there. This will increase the outlook.”

Horova’s daughter from her first marriage, Natasha, spent the first month of the war with her boyfriend in Georgia, and then moved to Lebanon, where her lover’s relatives live. From there, she stunned her mother with the news that she got married:

“She sends me a photo with a wedding ring from Lebanon and says: ‘Mom, I’m so happy.’ It is good when such mental situations occur during war. Her husband’s father is from Lebanon, and they were painted by a mullah. They are married in this faith, but she did not accept this faith. This is respect for parents. We decided that they will be married here according to our traditions, when they arrive, and then there will be a wedding. It was important for the father that they were under God.”

But Iryna is not yet ready to become a grandmother. In addition, now she is just arranging her personal life. And she doesn’t hide it either – she is extremely happy in a relationship.

“I am in the relationship that for me is the coolest in my life. I feel very free and happy and fulfilled.”

Of course, ZhVL also talked to Horova about her ex, Potap, who was in Spain even before the war.

“Our cooperation is somewhat complicated by the fact that we are in different countries. It is very difficult. We communicate. It’s not that we put a pause, it’s just that I’m focused on what’s in Ukraine, on the development of the MO3GI Group company, and Oleksiy is more abroad. But now everyone is doing everything to help Ukraine.”

You can watch the full interview with Iryna Horova on the ZhVL YouTube channel .

Photo: TET press service

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