POSITIFF and Nastya Balog released a soulful duet song “Home”

POSITIFF and Nastya Balogh

Young Ukrainian artist Nastya Balog and famous singer and music producer POSITIFF released the touching track “Home”. Insightful performance, powerful lines and a story familiar to everyone – that’s not all that this song will surprise you with.

Home is a place where you are waiting and where you can always return. However, the war took away the native walls of many Ukrainians, scattering them in different countries and cities. But despite the temporary place of residence, each of them is united not only by faith in victory, but also by a common desire to return home as soon as possible.

“This winter changed us forever. We began to really appreciate the things we didn’t appreciate before,” – Nastya Balog.

The track “Home” tells the story of a girl and a boy who were separated by war. She is abroad and would give anything to be in her hometown. He, on the other hand, protects the home so that it has somewhere to return to. Both dream of the same thing – to meet and hug like once… Where once.

POSITIFF and Nastya Balogh

“Home is a place of strength, which is imbued with warm memories. Native streets, familiar faces – that’s what really heals and makes you come back every time,” said Nastya Balog.

More than 6 million Ukrainians are now abroad because of the walls and cities taken by the war. Despite this, everyone remembers their native land and helps in all possible ways, thereby bringing victory closer, and with it the dream trip home. All their pain and hope were put into the track by the song’s authors Svitlana Kravchuk (Eyra) and Andriy Bezkrovny (DJ Bloodless, member of the MOZGI band).

The artists admitted that the track aims to encourage all Ukrainians and give them faith that they will soon be able to return to their native homes. Some go to Severodonetsk, some go to Mariupol, and some go to Ukrainian Donetsk, Luhansk or Crimea.

“We are sure that our flag will fly again where it should and where it is expected,” – Nastya Balog.


Photo: press service of performers

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